Bobby Jackson

Bobby Jackson

Bobby Jackson is a former professional basketball player, and current assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings. Elmasian Marketing works with Bobby Jackson to organize and implement various charity events that benefit both national and local organizations. You can view some past and upcoming events in our events section.

The Bobby Jackson Foundation

NBA Star Bobby Jackson established The Bobby Jackson Foundation at The Giving Back Fund to assist children in California who have lost a parent due to cancer or have a parent that has cancer. The Foundation helps children develop coping skills and connects them with other children who are in similar circumstances. Bobby was inspired to start the Foundation following the death of his mother Sarah in 2003.

“Cancer is certainly a difficult thing. We all know someone who has dealt with this illness in some way. However, children who have a parent with cancer are often overlooked. It is very difficult to see someone close to you go through such a tragic disease, especially as a young person.”

“We want the kids to know that they are not alone in this struggle. In some small way, we want to provide these children with glimpses of hope in what can be a very difficult time,” Jackson stated.

Visit The Bobby Jackson Foundation website to learn more.

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